Monday, April 20, 2009

Husband Shoots Wife in Head

I received this news item in my inbox this morning via Google Alerts: Husband Shoots Wife in Head, Survives to Greet Cops With Tea

The fact that she survived is really quite shocking. The fact that she was shot in the head in the first place, by her husband who was on probation for domestic violence and who, according to the article, was being sought by the police so they could present him with a restraining order, is even more so.

I wish the article focused more on why the police were unable to serve the restraining order before he was able to reach his wife and his home. How did he receive probation instead of jail time (this article seems to state that the police had been trying to do so for DAYS - and note that the url includes "news-odd", good grief)?

I am very happy to hear she is going to make, miraculously, a full recovery and I am sadden that the husband took his own life. But even more so, the sad reality and the real news here is a system that failed to protect this woman in the first place.

Take a look at this search result.
IT'S OK THOUGH! SHE MADE TEA! So this is a "good news" story?

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