Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Cost Of DV And A Helpful New Service

First, the 2008 Domestic Violence Point-in-Time Survey, released today in Kansas City, MO, (my pseudo home town!) by the Environmental Health and Safety Group Focus Area work group found that domestic violence costs nearly $58,000 a day in mostly taxpayer funds. This represents $21 million dollars a year.

Hopefully addressing the costs of DV in monetary terms will help some people visualize the seemingly out of control social disaster.

Read the full article here: KC Gardens - Survey details cost of domestic violence.

Some better news (relatively) from Cornerstone in Minnesota who are trying to go national with a software program that connects victims of domestic violence with the appropriate (available) shelter space so they can escape the violence.

Susan Neis, Cornerstone's executive director, said "Day One is much more than a sophisticated web site... It works to build a dialogue, a trust, between the programs that participate."

Read the full article here: MinnPost -Software connects domestic violence victims with open shelter beds

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