Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Mad Mind of Entitlement

Jezebel has posted a brief clip from last night's Real World Brooklyn, a reality tv series on MTV. I've tried to find this video elsewhere to post, but could not, so follow the link above to watch it.

They pose an interesting question about MTV's hand (and potential motives) in passing the house's phone number to the estranged father of one of the characters, Sarah.

But what strikes me most about the clip is the language and tone of voice her father uses when addressing her. If he is trying to reconcile their relationship, he is going about it in an extremely negative and abusive manner.

When she asks him never to contact her again, he ignores her request and instead says "well we'll see" and "there's really no issue here, you're just creating an issue from nothing" and the always amazingly dismissive "cut the drama." He then goes on to pass the blame of estrangement onto his daughter, ironically calling her selfish and accusing her of going along with her mother's "exaggerations." The tone of his voice throughout is flippant and sarcastic.

Clearly he feels entitled to time with his daughter, despite the fact that, as we learn later on in the clip, she is trying to press charges against him.

Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he passes blame and accuses others of manufacturing dissent and attempts to turn the situation around claiming that in fact he is the true victim. Even if the father has truly not done anything wrong, he has to respect his daughter's wish not to want to speak with him and not berate her for that decision.

It will be interesting to find out if MTV did have a hand in putting him in touch with her. Stay classy MTV!

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