Friday, December 07, 2007

December 6th Activities

A brief rundown of a few of the activities that ocurred his week, culminating on December 6th.

Brazil: Bank of New York Mellon/Brazilian White Ribbon Campaign Corporate Run in Rio de Janeiro this past Sunday. The slogan in the white t-shirts translates to "Men Working to End Violence Against Women".

As well here are some photos from Brazil's National Day of Men Working to End Violence Against Women (Dec. 6th) in Recife organized by Papai.

Canada: Many Member's of Parliament (both Provincial and Federal) wore ribbons, as well as many Toronto City Councillors (if i can find some pictures, i will post them).

Please read this article posted yesterday on the WRC Halifax Blog.

Also came across this very nice, simple and to the point video on youtube, produced by the GBHS Social Just League. Great work guys. Let's hope it stays up for a few days before the flamers start posting their comments.

I hope to post on some of the recent activities and experiences of our Exec. Director, who spent that last week traveling the word attending conferences and meetings.

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