Friday, November 30, 2007

White Ribbon Campaign Italy

Great news from Campagna del Fiocco Bianco (WRC Italy). According to their latest press release the campaign, only in its second year, has "spread all across Italy."

In one short year the Italian campaign has spread from 28 cities to over 50 participating in over "200 public and private initiatives."
This year there has been a particular involvement of many sports team and the highlight has been a White Ribbon on a wonderful red tapestry composed by the Art High School in Florence and composed of many white ribbons each holding a message on violence against women (written by students that made it) hanging majestically from Florence’s most prominent square: Piazza della Signoria on the City Council best known to the world of Palazzo Vecchio.
The full press release can be read here (pdf).

Please visit their website for more information and check out their cool knapsacks and pens!

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Ryan said...

As an artist im always on the look out for a great organization to support, how can I get involved?