Thursday, November 15, 2007

International WR Activities

Bury, Lancashire wraps tower clock in white ribbon: Bury steps up its campaign this year holding events over a two week period, including launching balloons and wrapping their clock in a white ribbon.

Imagine the CN Tower with a giant white ribbon draped over it.

Also launching balloons to mark November 25th is the town of Flintshire.

Scottish celebs join bid to end VAW: Community leaders and celebs to promote powerful anti-violence events including a day-long conference on prostitution and sex trafficking and a torchlight march and rally on November 29 aimed at reclaiming women's right to be safe in the street. View their poster (PDF) here. More information available at Scotland WRC.

Violence-free town dream for Kaikoura, NZ: A Family Violence Network coordinator is single-handedly trying to make her community violence-free. A four-year $14 million campaign jointly lead by the Ministry of Social Development and the Families Commission aimed at educating people about family violence should certainly help.

Pubs back campaign to end violence: There is a ton of activities scheduled for the town of Hastings in Australia. More info available at the The Port Macquarie Hastings Domestic Violence Committee website.

Finally, there was a great post made yesterday from the Australian WhiteRibbonDay blog.

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