Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Global November 25th Activities.

We're in the final week of preparations for the campaign period (10 days in Canada and 16 in other parts of the world) starting this Sunday, November 25th.

Here are some press releases for events happening globally.

Edinburgh, Scotland campaign marked in all corners of the city: Events will be supported by the Edinburgh Violence Against Women Partnership (link).

Ashburton, NZ police sergeant stands against VAW: Three recent family violence incidents highlight need in getting people talking about attitudes towards violence against women, "one of New Zealand’s most significant social issues in terms of the number of people affected, long-term life effects and the cost to the country."

Human chain planned for Gisborne, NZ: Local businesses join cause and encourage staff to participate in human chain/walk planned to span three town bridges.

400,000 ribbons across New Zealand: This is really quite impressive.

Waitakere, NZ Mayor encourages participation in walk
: City mayor hoping to top last year's attendance to the annual walk, hope to exceed 1000 participants.

Reformed abusive husband leads campaign in Beijing, China: Leads 200 residents in series of programs culminating on Nov. 25th.

Council of Europe running 2 year Combat Violence against Women campaign: focus on getting men involved to advocate gender equality, and especially getting male MPs to take the lead in advocating gender equality

1000 balloons to be launched in Flintshire, UK

Sacramento State hosts week-long campaign: including a pledge against violence ceremony taking place at noon on Tuesday, Nov. 27


If you have a campaign event planned, please let us know by leaving a comment.


White Ribbon Campaign said...

Some additional campaign news:

Southland District Health Board staff will be signing a giant 2 metre white ribbon in the Southland Hospital foyer

Campaign activities in Mandurah Australia

Campaign in Bexhill, UK

SAVE Our Women, Inc., Baguio City, Philippines said...

Stop the Abuse and Violence against Our Women (SAVE our Women), Inc., a non-government organization based in Baguio City, Philippines is planning to celebrate the anniversary of the White Ribbon Campaign from November 25 to December 5 with exhibit on "awareness on domestic violence", the distribution of white ribbons at the exhibit site, and a talk in front of students of Saint Louis University about SAVE Our Women fighting violence against women and supporting the White Ribbon Campaign.

SAVE Our Women Inc. said...

Stop the Abuse and ViolencE against Our Women (SAVE Our Women), Inc., a non-profit, non-government organization based in Baguio City, Philippines, is planning to celebrate the anniversary of the White Ribbon Campaign with an "Awareness Drive on Domestic Violence and How Men Can Stop the Violence" photo exhibit from november 25 to december 5, the use of white ribbons by SAVE Our Women members (made up of very concerned and committed women AND men), the citywide distribution of white ribbons, and a talk before students of Saint Louis University on SAVE Our Women's domestic violence awareness campaigns and its support of the White Ribbon Campaign.