Monday, November 05, 2007

Australia Football Leagues Support WRC

There is a lot of news popping up today about Australian Football leagues, better known in North America as 'Australian rules football' or simply rugby, supporting the White Ribbon Campaign.

Footy Codes Unite: Brendan Cannon, a star from the Qantas Wallabies has taken on the role as spokesmen for the three football 'codes' or leagues, the AFL, ARU and the NRL, citing his daughter as inspiration to get involved.

Johnson to don Carlton guernsey .. for charity: Three players are going to don the jersey of their fiercest opponent to raise awareness about domestic violence in Australia. I wish my knowledge of footy was more extensive, but i am sure that Australians will get a kick out of seeing Essendon's Jason Johnson me in a "Carlton jumper".

AFL Supports White Ribbon Day
: "Nothing appeals to the Australian male more than sport, and we are incredibly grateful to Brendan, Jason and Gorden for lending their profiles to our cause for this year's campaign." said White Ribbon Foundation chairman Andrew O'Keefe.

You can view the video PSAs at the WRC Australia website here, where the rugby stars speak to their embarrassment, not only over wearing an opposing team's jersey, but more importantly about the level of domestic violence in Australia.

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