Thursday, August 05, 2010

Shelving Domestic Violence Scheme

From our Partners at PixelProject comes a link to an article in the
Powers to remove violent partners from family home 'deferred' by coalition, amid fears public protection put at risk by cuts
Cuts to spending that in the long run will prevent even more spending on physical health care for abused victims, counseling, police protection, police administration of the abuser, cost of jailing, etc. etc. etc.

Not to mention the far more dire result of the cuts putting victims directly in harms way.

I am not sure whether a similar protection order in the United States would have saved this child from being beaten to death for "acting like a girl", but having both stories come out on the same day should be a compelling argue to continue funding for this scheme (is it just me or does calling it a "scheme" make it sound like a dastardly and underhanded plot?).


PapaBear said...

How about just ending it period, or do you believe the males victims deserve it?

Annette's Story: The Other Face Of Domestic Violence

White Ribbon Campaign said...

How does working to end violence against women mean that we "believe the male victims deserve it"?

Do organizations working to raise awareness about breast cancer believe that those with lung cancer "deserve it"?

WRC actively works to promote gender equity and healthy relationships. Healthy for ALL parties in a relationship.

In the same way that "disease awareness" organizations focus on a specific disease in order to fine tune their efforts, WRC focuses on violence against women.

We have never spoken out against or denied legitimacy to organizations working to end violence against men.

Perhaps you should start a support group for men if you haven't already.