Thursday, April 23, 2009

War on women

This week's NOW Toronto includes and article with an eye catching headline "War on women" which lead me to believe that it was about the recently passed law in Afghanistan that forbids women from refusing to have sex with their husbands (which I blogged about here, from a story by the CBC).

But unless I was day dreaming while reading the bulk of it (which this late in the afternoon, even after a coffee infusion, is quite possible) it only touched on the issue briefly; in the opening paragraphs and in this one quote from Steven Staples of the Rideau Institute:
Anybody who thinks that by pouring in more troops we can defend these women against Neanderthals is not to be taken seriously.
Which is an excellent point and needs expanding on. Which unfortunately the article doesn't do. What actions can we take to defend these women then?

The bulk of the article seems to be focused on what the Americans are up to and how the Canadian government doesn't want to talk about al Qaeda. And NATO is weak. And we should probably just pull our troops out.

How does any of this address the War on Women?

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