Friday, April 24, 2009

Saddle Up 4 Good

I came across this interesting awareness-raising effort by two "urban cowboys" via their twitter feed (via TweetDeck).

Their mission, as stated on their website:
Through shows, demonstrations and fundraising journeys, Saddle Up brings a unique style of role models to teach and bridge gaps in youth principles, family values and individual self esteem.

This journey was completed "on faith" and "goodwill" without the comfort of a trailer following us, sleeping from woods to barns, to raise money for:

Battered Women and Victims of Domestic Violence
At Risk Youth
Aids Awareness
Cancer Research
That is definitely a tall order.

If they're ever able to ride their horses north of the border, I'd like to see what they're all about in person.

Make sure to check out their blog as well.

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Saddleup4good said...

It's the cowboys from SaddleUp4Good and our vision to inspire folks to dream and believe and to impact domestic violence education and youth training

One week ago, I, Dr. Lockamy and Mr. Morris, had the honor to be selected for Pointman training. This training was invitation only and it focused on the principals of leadership, responsibility and ethics. Little did we know that in the following week after completing this class that we would witness the principals that we learned at work.

As the founders of SU4G, we found ourselves in the midst of a situation where a young lady was confronted by a former partner, who was under a direct restraining order. During the confortation with her estranged partner, the victim in her attempts to reach out for help, was stabbed multiple times.

I, Dr. Lockamy, would like to thank Mr. Morris and the cowboys who came to the call to action in a civil matter. In the heat of this event, that could have lead to a mob schene....our fellow cowboys and cowgirls rallied to protect the victim and to immobilize the attacker. This could only have been done with pointman leadership and learned principals that flowed through to the crowd. When the police arrived they also demonstrated the concept of principle based leadership and crowd control as conducted their investigation.

This unfortunate incident is all to common. Saddle UP 4 Good is putting out a "Call to Action" to Make a Difference. We need your feedback and support on how we can put immediate action plans in place to STOP domestic violence at its infancy.

This victim survived but how many have not.

We need to hear from you.....

check out our point of view forum at
Views on ways to empower youth at risk and to stop domestic violence.