Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rachel Brown - Learn To Love Me

I wouldn't normally post music that has a domestic violence message since they are almost always, even with the best of intentions, far too saccharine and emotive for my personal taste. Let's face it, I am a music snob.

And it was with this unfortunate bias that I clicked on a link in someone's twitter feed to Rachel Brown's video Learn To Love Me (I could not find it on youtube and failed to figure out how to embed it otherwise, but you can see it here) which is inspired by Brown's feelings that people should "place a higher priority on learning to love and value who you are over the love you give someone else."

I dig the old soul vibe and it immediately reminded me of one of my favorite songs, One Mo' Gin by D'Angelo; a song about longing for a past love but having the strength and courage to live your own life and let them live theirs (and no it's not "One Mo' Gin" by Chris Brown - which is song about being pushy and basically demanding a girl to get with him - stay classy CB!)

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