Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rihanna Can't Win.

What is going on here? Is Chris Brown's sex appeal really that blinding? Is his music really that inspiring?


Ajlouny said...

No, it's because some women get brainwashed into believing that he is the last man on earth that would put up with her, so they deperately cling to this guy, and he takes advantage and abuses. It's sad because a person like Rihanna has many female followers and she is basically sending the wrong message out by remaining with her abuser.

White Ribbon Campaign said...

I agree with your first opinion.

However I think it is at odds with your second opinion that she is sending the wrong message.

If she was brainwashed by Chris Brown, then she's not intentionally sending any messages.

Ajlouny said... have a point, but, whether it's conscience or subconscious, even with no thought, it does send out the wrong message.