Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Students Promote Positive Message(s)

Although this is specifically addressing child abuse, the same students, from Academy of Strategic Learning, that developed the billboard (from topic covered, message and artwork chosen) also held a White Ribbon Day on Valentine's Day as part of a campaign supporting healthy equal relationships.

And besides, any time youth take it upon themselves to promote healthy and safe relationships, we should all stand, take notice and be inspired.

The full story can be read here (via The Daily News)

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karlum said...

Hi ya. Over here in New Zealand we pop in occasionally to see what is happening in Canada with the the White Ribbon Day campaign. Our national steering committee was interested to see that you're well ahead of us in bulding up information and behaviour change around relationships. We're still at the stage of raising awareness of the event and encouraging men to challenge the behaviour of others. We have a range of national government and community agencies involved in resourcing and promoting White Ribbon Day. Would you be interested in adding New Zealand to your LINKS page? Our web address is
This year we are distributing half a million ribbons (which is huge for a country of 4.2million people) and doing national advertising via posters and bus shelters.

Karlum Lattimore
New Zealand Families Commission