Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Michael Kaufman's Man Talk

White Ribbon Co-Founder and consultant Michael Kaufman has launched a new resource for young men about dating violence and healthy relationships.

Man Talk - What Every College Guy Oughta/Gotta Know About Good Relationships is a PDF-based, printer friendly guide that focuses on many of issues facing young men today. Such as:
  • Dating violence: what's the problem and why it outrages good men
  • What college guys really think about these issues, not what they often say to each other. (That is, it takes a social norms approach, rather than a moralizing or hectoring tone.)
  • Consent: what guys need to know to make sure they and their date are on the same page. (This is a popular presentation of an affirmative consent standard.)
  • Creating good relationships. (This section, "Putting your biggest sexual organ to work," focuses on communication and respect.)
  • Speaking out: What guys can do to make a difference on their campus
For full pricing, ordering and further information about this much needed resource, please visit the Man Talk Website.

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