Monday, September 10, 2007

More Assaults on Canadian Campuses

I was disheartened to wake up this morning to more news about sexual assaults taking place on university campuses in Ontario, only a week into the new school year.

This past Friday two students were sexually assaulted in a dorm on York University’s campus, exactly one week after a woman was brutally assaulted on campus at Carleton University in Ottawa.

I think the issue of violence against women should be addressed during universities’ and colleges’ ‘Frosh Week’ activities. This would start the year out with a safety message that would reassure and prepare students – for many of whom this is their first time away from home, and they deserve the right tools and knowledge in order to feel comfortable. It’s important that students and faculty address this issue right away.

It also makes me wonder why, after browsing the online news media, not one major media outlet felt this issue was important enough to run on their front pages and some haven’t reported on the incident at all.

Update - while i was writing this, global news posted this video on their main page.

- Clay Jones

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