Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Online Game Challenges Gender-Based Violence

METRAC, a Toronto area not-for-profit, community-based organization that works to ensure women, youth, and children live free from all forms of violence and the threat or fear of violence, have launched a new online video game called RePlay: Finding Zoe.

The game
tells the story of two friends searching for their good friend Zoe. They have just heard stereotyping rumors about Zoe that lead them to conclude that she is in an abusive relationship. On their search, the friends navigate through their neighborhood and are challenged with situations that encourage them to work together and be respectful, confident communicators. Success helps strengthen the two friends' resiliency and better equips them to support Zoe.

Also available from METRAC are practical handbooks for educators, easy-to-read handbooks for parents/guardians, eye-catching zines, tip cards, and magnets for young women and men all of which are meant to enhance and reinforce the game's key anti-violent messages.

Please contact METRAC for more information, and to play the game online:

Andrea Gunraj, Outreach Manager
Reception Phone 416-392-3135 | 416-392-3031 (TTY) | 1-877-558-5570 Fax 416-392-3136 Direct Phone 416-392-4760

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