Monday, February 26, 2007

White Ribbons in the Brazilian Carnival

Recife’s carnival, in the northeast of Brazil, mixes irreverence with
celebration but also raises concern for those working to end violence against women. Unfortunately, during the annual carnival, formal complaints of sexual harassment and violence increase due to the rise in alcohol and drug consumption.

For the fifth consecutive year, Instituto Papai organized a White Ribbon Campaign float during carnival celebrations in the streets of Recife in partnership with the group “Nem Com Uma Flor” to show that not every man is violent and that most men reject any form of violence against women. This float was supported by the Women's Caucus of the Municipality of Recife.

The objective of the float was to promote the White Ribbon Campaign and to raise public awareness through the distribution of white ribbons to participants, at the same time stimulating responsible partying and promoting a culture of non-violence.

The initiative took place in the evening of February 15, 2007, in the Marco Zero Town Square, in Recife’s historical quarter and was made possible through the participation of young men involved in health promotion and gender equity programs at Instituto Papai and Gaymado group. Volunteers were trained on the principles of the White Ribbon Campaign and received logistical orientation beforehand.

This initiative was organized by Instituto Papai, Federal University of Pernambuco, the Brazilian Network for Men and Gender Equity, local groups Atuação and Gaymado, and Young Men for Gender Equity. Financial support from the Government of Canada and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Ford Foundation, Kellogg Foundation, among others.

- Benedito Medrado, Instituto Papai (Recife, Brazil)

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