Tuesday, January 23, 2007

University of Alabama WRC

WRC ED Todd Minerson had a chance to speak with the University of Alabama's Crimson White Newspaper about adopting the White Ribbon Campaign to the specific needs of different communities.

"How can I, in Toronto, tell you about how to run a campaign in Alabama?" Minerson said. "I think it's important to people for people to hold their own campaign based on their needs."
The University of Alabama's Women's Resource Center is holding their annual White Ribbon Campaign this week.

"We want people to know that the University of Alabama community does care about violence towards women...The Capstone's Women's Resource Center has chosen to adopt that campaign through MAV as a way to help men on campus join in the fight against violence," said Elle Shaaban-Magana, assistant director at the Women's Resource Center.
Source: The Crimson White Online

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