Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Year, New Campaign Initiatives

Only a few weeks into 2007 and the WRC Canada office is already buzzing with news about events, campaign ideas and news from other campaigns around the globe.

The White Ribbon Campaign in Burlington Vermont has started the year running with an article in the Burlington Free Press, including a letter writing campaign. On top of launching their website, which includes a call for founding members, they have also been making waves on blogs and other news sites.

An excerpt from the mission statement on their website:

"We believe that men need to step up, take responsibility, and begin talking directly and frankly with other men that men's violence against women is unacceptable. We also want to encourage men to listen to the women in their lives. Do this, and you’ll discover there are a significant number of loved ones, friends and colleagues who have been affected by sexual assault."


Amanda Jones said...

I am a woman and I am married. My husband is wonderful, maybe he is the exception to the rule, but he would never hurt a woman. He is a friend to women of all types and pasts. To be honest, the mere suggestion that ALL men are capable of crimes against women appalls me. My father has been married to my mother for 26 years, and has raised 2 daughters and 1 son. During that time, I have recieved 1 and I do mean 1 act against me by him. And I was 2 years old and ran on a busy street with a truck coming up it. Dad took me off the street, spanked my bottom and that was the last time he ever laid a hand on me. Oh, did I mention I was in a snowsuit, clothes and a diaper? I don't remember this, my parents told me about it. And my father is mortified that he had to do it. You know what, if my daughter ever ran on the road I would pray that someone would stop her, man or woman.
Not all men can hurt a woman. Between my husband, my brother {who I swear is amazing with women. Whoever marries him is going to be very lucky}my father and my sister's fiance, maybe I am led to see the world through rose colored glasses. Maybe the men in my life are just exceptions. Maybe the girls in our families are just really lucky to have met great men. Maybe it's because not all men are monsters who view women as possesions and sexual slaves. And these men I have mentioned do not tolerate violence against women. They do not believe it is right under any circumstances and they will say so to whoever they encounter. So I just want to close by saying, PLEASE don't put all men in the same horrible category. There are some wonderful men in this world. And my little boy, 10 months old, has a lot of people to look up to for positive role models. And yes, he is male, but he is not guilty by association. Please remember this.

Clay Jones, White Ribbon Staff said...

Dear Amanda,

Thank you for you comments.

White Ribbon Campaign has never suggested that all men are capable of violence. In fact our message is quite the opposite. We feel that ALL men have a duty never to condone, commit or remain silent about violence against women.

It is wonderful to hear that you have some very positive male role models in your family. Perhaps they would like to get involved and help spread the message that most men are in fact non-violent, caring and nurturing human beings.