Monday, November 07, 2011

It Starts With You: Rolfe's Story "What if it was your mother?"

Rolfe discusses his evolution to manhood. He explores how the role models in his life mold his perceptions on what being a man means. Rolfe reveals his experience of having his father as the strong and powerful person was a distorted view of masculinity. He shares how he evolves towards becoming a better man by modeling himself through the actions of his mother.

Through his life experiences he shows how the media and society can distort a young person's perception of what being a good human being is and how they can share a healthy relationship. Rolfe shows that through his experiences and learning through his mistakes and realizing that his mother is a true role model Rolfe begins to explore masculinity and manhood. He uses this knowledge to form discussions with the young men and women he works with regarding healthy, positive relationships with each other.

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