Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Laço Branco (WRC Brazil) PSA

Below is a new psa from our White Ribbon partners in Brazil, Laço Branco.

A unique approach to an issue that we have traditionally stayed away from.  The point here is not to make a judgment about the merits of abortion (in fact, the actor states he is not in favour of abortion) but rather on the negative impact of the law on women’s lives, itself a form of violence against women.

Joao Lima, a popular actor in Brazil states in the PSA:
“Do you think a woman that has an abortion should be arrested, become ill, or even die? Like you, I am not in favour of abortion. I am against the criminalization of women. The law that criminalizes abortion is also a form of violence against women. Let's not stand with arms crossed. Brazilian White Ribbon Campaign. Men working to end violence against women.”

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