Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dads Count: INFUSED

Dads Today is presenting Dads Count: INFUSED, an "evening to infuse your fathering with passion and hopeto make a difference for your children" on Wednesday Decmber 8th at 7pm at the LAMP Community Health Center.

Guys raising kids have an incredible opportunity to influence future generations.  Whether you are a father, a step-father, an uncle, a brother, or even a good friend, having a child to raise, love, protect, and nurture is a challenging task.  But guys who are involved in their kids lives offer distinctive qualities to their children.  The role of a good father cannot be filled by someone else and is irreplaceable as one of the most influential things in a child’s life.  Dads today are role models; children are looking for someone to look up to — to model their lives after.  Every father leaves footprints of morals, values, priorities, and how to make decisions.  Not an easy task as little eyes watch our every move.  But the rewards are endless as our children grow into happy adults who have healthy relationships, make good decisions, and care for the communities they are a part of.
 Contact Brian Russel ( if you would like to attend.

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