Wednesday, September 01, 2010

WAM-bush! #wam

The White Ribbon Walk A Mile Team has been cruising the streets of Toronto spreading the word about Walk A Mile Toronto 2010 by staging a series of wam-bushes. The team shows up unexpectedly to various locations throughout Toronto, promoting the event and trying to get some of Toronto's corporate leaders involved in the event and the White Ribbon cause.

Here are some photos of the guys in their finest shorts and heels:

So far the WRC WAM team have wam-bushed John Clinton of Transcontinental Media,
Bruce Powell of IQ Partners,Darren Pereira of Indusblue Inc., Adrian Capobianco of Quizative, Jen Evans, Sequentia Environics, and Co-chair of White Ribbon Campaign with more to come!

Please visit and join the official Walk A Mile Toronto Facebook Page for more photos and videos.

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