Thursday, July 22, 2010

In The News: G20 Sexual Abuse Allegations & A Date-Rape Drug Detecting Card

G20 sexual abuse claims linked to Jane Doe report
Allegations of abuse by women detained during the G20 summit are included in an alternative report presented Thursday into how Toronto police investigate sexual violence against women.

“The word of the police is not reliable,” said the activist known as Jane Doe at a news conference Thursday to detail those allegations. Women “hesitate to come forward because of fear of violence.”
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Card that detects date rape drugs coming to Quebec
Though it’s less talked about than in the ’90s, date rape has never gone away.

The tools to combat it, however, are becoming more accessible.

Beginning next month, many pharmacies across Quebec will begin stocking a small card that people can take with them to a bar to test if their drink has been spiked with any of a few so-called date-rape drugs.
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Too bad the onus continues to fall on the shoulders of women.

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