Monday, May 10, 2010

Dads Count, Families Matter 2010, an organization focusing on the importance of fathers as involved, role models in their children's lives, is hosting a day long event titled "Dads Count 2010" on Saturday, June 12th from 9:30 am until 3:00 pm.

 The event, featuring keynote speakers and workshops,  is billed as a place "where fathers of all ages get together to discuss, teach, and learn the latest techniques when it comes to connecting with your family..."

White Ribbon Campaign will be hosting an interactive workshop "It Starts With You It Stays With Him:" will explore the online resource of the same name.
Right now your son is looking up to you for direction and guidance. Whether you know it or not he is watching the way you act, the way you speak, the way you treat women and interact with other men.  His well-being and future success includes the ability to develop healthy relationships with women and, with other men.  As such, sharing your values regarding gender equality, respect, and tolerance is just as important as sharing with him the tools to achieve success in life and teaching him about safety, hard work, independence, and respect towards others..
 For event details, a full list of workshops and keynote speakers, as well as a registration to the event, please visit the event website.
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