Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dove Real Men Campaign

From the Toronto Star:
Extending the lauded "Real Beauty" campaign, which featured un-airbrushed images of near-naked non-models in candid poses, the male-targeted marketing bait is similarly framed as social analysis.
And to help that analysis, Dove has hired White Ribbon Campaign Co-Founder and gender equity expert Michael Kaufman.

After seeing the first promo spot for Dove Men+Care I must admit I was a little disheartened. At first glance it would appear that Dove is reinforcing stereotypical male gender roles; "play sports, run fast... know how to fight", don't show your sensitive side. But, after discussing it with a colleague, it would seem that Dove is trying to say that in this day and age, after many of us have grown up facing the pressure of living up to those stereotypes, we are now able to see that we should all feel comfortable no matter what our thoughts and feelings are, whether we could fight as kids, if we cried in front our peers.

I agree with Michael that
"(k)nowing the impact of media images, I just appreciate that they are trying to do something that includes a conversation about gender roles... It's a start. It's a way to get people talking. My guess is that it doesn't end there."
I will be following this campaign with great interest, and with Michael on board. I am sure it will produce some excellent results for gender equity.

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