Monday, June 22, 2009

Disarming Domestic Violence

Not sure how I missed the launch of this campaign, but I am sorry that I did.

Disarming Domestic Violence a campaign lead by IANSA Women's Network and held in 85 Countries (including Canada) is the
first international campaign to protect women from gun violence in the home. The main goal is to ensure that anyone with a history of domestic abuse is denied access to a firearm, or have their licenses revoked.
Of the 800 million small arms in the world today, more than 75% of them are in the hands of private individuals – most of them men. Given this, women are paying an increasingly heavy price for the dangerously unregulated multi-billion dollar trade in small arms.
You can read more about it around the blogosphere here and here and here.

I will definitely keep my eyes open for the launch of next year's campaign and any other information posted through out the year.

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