Thursday, May 07, 2009

Washing Your Hands of DV

Anti-DV PSA from Amnesty International Portugal.

It may be a translation thing but, generally when you wash your hands of something you are ignoring no? So wash your hands of denouncing DV? Of not denouncing it? Am I caught in a double negative? Regardless I think it is very clever.

I agree with Copyranter that it would quite the shock to stumble drunkenly into a bar bathroom and have blood come out of the dispenser.

Via Copyranter.

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michaelo said...

I figure it must be a cultural thing. The resonance is evidently somewhat different in Portugal.

Growing up a Catholic, the "washing hands" idea was associated with Pilate's dismissal of Jesus - he washed his hands of the entire matter, effectively saying he didn't care.

This Amnesty ad, though, seems to suggest that if you don't wash your hands of DV you have blood on your hands. Odd.