Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Art of Shaving

Shaving really is a horrible process, which is why I generally sport a beard in the winter (like a good stereotypical Canadian man) and a mustache in the summer (like a good stereotypical thirty-something hipster).

I dislike many of the mass market products available, which usually just end up burning my face and smelling like '70s-era Burt Reynolds, and have ridiculous names like POWER and FISSION and THUNDER STORM which are the last things I want touching my face.

My dad always used a safety razor, a brush and glycerin soap. I thought he was crazy, but after watching this series of videos, it's pretty clear I have it all backwards.

I like the tone and goofiness of these videos, without all the machismo and lazer-beams of modern shaving advertising, focusing more on patience and zen instead of sports cars, army helicopters and mad scientists toiling away in secret bunkers making shaving products out of god knows what.

I wonder if, for those who enjoy shaving, the same process would work for women, who have a wider range and more dangerous and damaging products at their disposal.

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