Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Via AmnestyUK's Protect the Human Blog

At 1:10 on Friday 6th, we want this message to resound around every online network for International Women’s Day.

Spread this message via online communities such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter on Friday 6th March. Get others to pass it on, raising awareness and inspiring action on this issue for International Women’s Day.

If you’re on Facebook or Myspace:

1) Now or sometime this week, simply change your profile pic to our specially created avatar (we’ve gone all out!) to illustrate the point. Download our Myspace avatar or our Facebook avatar

2) Then on Friday 6th March, update your profile status to: Each year, 1 in 10 women in Britain experience rape or other violence

If you’re on Twitter, change your avatar now.

Then on Friday 6th March (at 13:10 if possible or use TweetLater to schedule a tweet) tweet the message above; by asking loads of you to do this we are hoping to make the issue unavoidable in the lead up to International Women’s Day. Who knows, we may even set a new record for the most tweeted message at any one time!

Pledge now to do this

Your mates will click on the link and take action for women in Britain. Then they will change their statuses, their mates will click through and take action, and before you know it there will enough services for women across Britain.

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