Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tasks Forces, Resources & Recessions

Making the rounds of Twitter:

The Gender Equity Task Force at the University of Texas at Austin has released its report, which recomends a 5-10 year gender equity plan that aims to "reduce or eliminate faculty gender inequity—specifically with respect to hiring, promotion, salaries and governance."

A year in the making, the report found that, not surprisingly, gaps "in areas of faculty representation, promotion and attrition for faculty advancing through the ranks, salary and leadership."

Read the the full report here.

Royal Tropical Institute
have released a new toolkit for promoting gender equity in local governance. It can be found here.

Is the recession leading to a rise in domestic violence? Extremely stressful situations (and this is about as universally stressful as you can get) are often catalysts to acting out in a violent manner.

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