Monday, February 23, 2009

CB & Rihanna: Love Gone Wrong

WRC's Tuval Dinner is participating in the latest episode of MuchMusic's MuchOriginal series MUCHTALKS which will be airing this Wednesday February 25th at 6pm (check your local listings).

From their press release:
As the alleged abuse case between pop stars Rihanna and Chris Brown becomes increasingly talked-about, the issue of dating abuse is on the top of teens’ minds. Hosted by VJs Sarah Taylor and Devon Soltendieck, MUCHTALKS gives youth a chance to participate in an open discussion on the situation, tell their stories, and have the chance to pose questions to experts and each other.
The panel also includes Lauren Collins, Alana Wyatt, Perez Hilton, Danny Fernandez, X, Ian Drew and Elizabeth Mendez Berry.

On the same subject, Daily Kos posted this video of a CNN anchor stating that Rihanna must now deal with the 'stigma' of being a victim of domestic violence.

With the mainstream media validating this dangerous misconception, no wonder the prevalent attitude towards cases of domestic violence and/or rape is to blame the victim.


Teresa Lynne said...

Teen dating is huge. I am currently writing a book on teen dating violence called, Teardrops on Roses in which I named my blog this as well...

It is a big thing in our teens lives and we must educate our children.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. I experienced myself as a teen. We were together for two years, his abusiveness didn't show until a year after we were dating. He had been witness to his father abusing his mother. I didn't know this. And as a teen was unaware of domestic violence. After a year of his abuse, I became pregnant. What made me leave him was afer he found out I was pregnant, he still abused me. Knowing that the child I was carrying not only mine's but his also, he still beat me. The last strike was when he body slammed me on my sis-month pregnant stomach. It wasn't easy to leave him. I had to leave town. When our child was 2 years old, he began having seizures. He eventually out grew them, but in my heart I believe he seizures were the result of me being body slammed on my stomach. Now I am a step-parent of a teen being abused. I have told her this same story I just told. It's not helping. But I hope posting it will help some other teen. You can get out. Don't stay in these relationships. Please.