Monday, December 01, 2008

Video Round-Up

Global Voices Online has posted a number of videos today on the subject of violence against women. From the history behind the UN's declaration of November 25th as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the lives of Afghan women "post"-Taliban to stories of gender-based violence in Colombia and a candlelight vigil in Paraguay.

Posted above is what I find a very remarkable and soothing video, considering the subject matter, of a bike rally in Mexico.

Could also be my unabashed love for all things bike-related.

Another link from the blogosphere, Peeling the Yellow Wallpaper has a great post about why it is so important to remember December 6th, not as a tool for "male bashing" but as a means to expose the culture of violence which we all live with on a daily basis.


Archivist said...

Yes, men inflict greater harm on women than vice versa, but by pretending women do not inflict DV on men, the entire movement is brought into disrepute. You denigrate countless men who have been physically harmed by women when you talk of men only as perpetrators.

Todd Minerson said...

Greetings Archivist, if you take the time to read any of our work - we never refer to men only as perpetrators. In fact our aim is to promote the positive roles that the majority of men who never commit or condone violence against women can play as allies, engaged bystanders, menotrs and role models. I hope this clarifies your misperception.
Todd Minerson, Executive Director
White Ribbon Campaign