Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Excellent NYT article on the Sean Avery "Sloppy-gate."

During the intermission panel discussion on the “N.H.L. on TSN” last night (video here), Bob McKenzie made the point that had Avery just used the word “ex-girlfriend” instead of the term he used, none of this would have happened. But “he used terminology that was so vulgar, so offensive, so graphic… that it becomes misogynistic, it becomes objectifying women.”

That is not something that the N.H.L. wants to, can or should overlook. Further, this is still a sport that seeks family appeal, and you wonder how many parents today have to explain to their children what Avery was talking about. That’s embarrassing to the league, his team and his teammates. Whatever promotional good a heated game between Dallas and Calgary might have produced last night with Avery in the lineup is undone, and more, by Avery’s public vulgarity.

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