Wednesday, October 08, 2008

London Judge: Woman At Fault

Canoe News ran an article today about a woman told by a judge that she should have simply 'walked out' of her abusive relationship. Pretty shocking that in this day and age, in Canada - birthplace of WRC - a judge hearing a domestic violence case can feel that the victim is practically at fault.

This judge doesn't seem to be aware that many victims do return to abusive relationships, for many psychological reasons, many of which can be read about here, and that that fact does not make them irresponsible.

I would have to agree with Megan Walker, head of the London Abused Women's Centre that "(t)here should be specified units within police departments and crown attorneys who see [domestic violence cases] through from start to finish."

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Alexis A. Moore said...

Victims of domestic abuse continue to be misunderstood by so many including the justice system. It is time that the public and the law makers take a moment to "walk a mile in the victims shoes"

Victim resources continue to be overwhelmed across the nation. Domestic violence victims’ greatest service needs are for temporary and permanent safe housing, financial assistance, and counseling. In addition, domestic violence and stalking victims’ also need access to social service support and advocacy, legal representation, vocational training and childcare. It doesn't help that the world wide web has created the new criminal epidemic known as cyberstalking.

Domestic abusers have extended their reach in ways unlike ever before. For millions of domestic abuse victims’ who are already the target of an abuser, and need to keep data from them it is particularly difficult in the 21st century primarily because of the on-line datafurnishing industry and the many databases that house consumer private records information.

Cyberstalking is a growing threat in our increasingly automated, technology-dependant society. Technology today allows for anyone including domestic abusers to harass and intimidate with no repercussions because their handiwork is nearly untraceable.

No one should have to live or work in fear! I applaud the efforts of this blogger and encourage others to open their minds and their hearts as victims of abuse have no easy path to freedom or survival.