Monday, October 20, 2008

Common Ground Wrap-Up

The first ever Common Ground conference was a huge success. With over 160 high school age boys and girls from all over Toronto in attendance the energy was high and the workshops packed.

The day consisted of a number of exciting workshops aimed at addressing young people's concerns about gendered violence in their schools and communities. Examples of the workshops that were offered include, poster design, movie making, hip-hop and visual art sessions, all focused on using these mediums to make positive change.

WRC facilitated a very spirited workshop with a group of young men that looked at our society's expectations of manhood and how this impacts our relationships and our lives in general. The group members had a lot to say and a lot of passion about how their lives are affected by gender. We talked a lot about homophobia, pressure from the media, stereotypes and healthy relationships.

The workshop specifically and the conference in general left me feeling extremely hopeful about the capacity of young people to use dialogue and communication to find common ground as they work to make our world a better place.

Tuval Dinner
Youth Programs Manager

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Anonymous said...

i think that it is great that you want to stop men from hurting woman but what about the woman that hurt men i know of a few men that get beat by there wifes and girl friends i think its great that you are doing this but i think that the men need help to