Thursday, September 25, 2008

GEM of an Organization

Gender Equality Movement (GEM) is a Jordanian initiative which was first launched by Dina Liddawi and Lulwa Al-Kilani with youth activists committed to the idea of justice and equality for the women and men of Jordan.

It has now become every Jordanian’s movement.

The Main Purpose of GEM is to educate the public about Women’s Rights and to mobilize the community to take action to address this human rights issue in Jordan. GEM’s goal is to provide a channel for dialogue for people to discuss this issue in Jordan freely, outside the walls of conferences, workshops and offices.

Their vision is to increase the level of awareness and commitment to women’s rights in Jordanian society and it is mission to create a channel for a broad-based dialogue about the rights and roles of women in Jordan.

You can download their first newsletter here (PDF).

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