Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fake Colours of Benetton

It seems as though someone is falsely using the Benetton brand in a series of ads in the fake "Colors of Domestic Violence" campaign. Here, here and here. Links from

Unlike many other bloggers, Broadsheet decided to get to the bottom of the campaign by contacting Benetton directly, who have denied any involvement. Which was nice to hear, considering that terror campaigns, the sole purpose of which is to shock people to attention, rarely ever work.


Jill said...

I decided to get to the bottom as well, and Salon and I were neck and neck with posts about what the Benetton PR contact had to say. Read my post here.


Clay Jones said...

Hi Jill,

Thanks so much for your comment, pointing us to your post. Great work on getting to the bottom of this issue.

I will definitely be reading your blog more often.

Jill said...

Thanks so much for checking it out, Clay. The issue of bloggers doing original reporting has been quite the topic since Sunday in Ohio because a senior editor of a major paper made a blanket accusation that we don't do it. I'm only one of at least ten well-respected Ohio blogs that absolutely does primary source work. So although I absolutely feel like I am in great company, knowing that Salon and I were doing the same thing at pretty much the same time, I am kind of proud. :)

Thanks for your work here, too. Great effort.