Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Blogging Against VAW

We are an organization of individuals working to end violence against women through education and events. Stay tuned!

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Donald Berment said...

White Ribbon Campaign, this is a most welcome effort and I extend best wishes to all and your loved ones for the 2006 Christmas season and beyound. Michael, my sympathy goes out to you for the painful memory of your grandmother.
My involventment in the movement to end Violence Against Women over the last 12 years has seen a growing consciousness from men on the issue, but not only violence from men.
The violence from women against women, the violence from women against men, the violence which emanates from rigid, biased religious tenets and the violence which continues to develop from the use of inappropiate models and methodologies to study the violence itself, has been gaining widespread attention and also creating concern from those not yet ready and willing to see the broader picture.
Consequently, as Secretary of the NGO, non-profit company, with charitable body status, Men Against Violence Women (MAVAW) in the twin island State of Trinidad and Tobago, I have been signalling the
need to widen the perimeter of this discourse, without decreasing the thrust abd focus to end violence agains women, but in a manner which targets the crucial and critical formulating characteristics, shaping the violent behaviour.
So much more has to be done, ladies and gentlemen of this BLOG and so much has and is being done,so there is no need to despair.
Again, my congratulations to the White Ribbon Campaing for this initiative and my wholehearted best wishes for its continuance.